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Mariah and Zachary

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Our Story

Many, many moons ago, Mariah and Zach were introduced through mutual friends during their college years. Zach played baseball for the university and Mariah loved going to the games with her sorority sisters because her best friend's dad was the head coach at the time. That was where it all began. Zach sought out Mariah after seeing her at various baseball events and around their college campus. Mariah was a diligent student and wanted to remain focused on her classes, but after a few weeks, Zach eventually convinced Mariah to go on a date with him. And the rest is history.

Fast forward seven and a half years later, on a perfect day in Charleston, South Carolina, Zach (finally!!!) got down on one knee during a walk on their favorite beach.

Mariah and Zach have supported each other through college graduations, career opportunities that resulted in a cross-country move as well as being pillars of strength for one another during unbearable loss. But the one thing that has remained steadfast over all these years, is the love they share for each other and their two dogs, Dale and Doug.

It’s time to make this official! We cannot wait to celebrate this next chapter together with our family and friends! Thank you for your willingness to travel and take time out of your lives to celebrate with us. We are so grateful for each and every one of you!